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CARnot NETwork

CarNet, i.e. the CARNOT NETWORK, is the pan-European network on `Thermodynamics and thermoeconomics of energy conversion, transport and accumulation', sponsored by the Commission of European Communities, under the Inco-Copernicus program.

It is coordinated by Alexis De Vos and consists of the following members:

Alexis De Vos, from the Universiteit Gent

Bjarne Andresen, from Københavns Universitet

Peter Landsberg, from the University of Southampton

Luigi Sertorio, from the Università  degli Studi di Torino

Karl Heinz Hoffmann, from the Technische Universität Chemnitz-Zwickau

Bengt Månsson, from the Umwelt Forschungs Zentrum Leipzich-Halle

Stanislaw Sieniutycz, from the Politechniki Warszawa

Viorel Bãdescu, from the Institutul Politehnic Bucaresti

Henrik Farkas, from the Muszaki Egyetem Budapest

Ryszard Mrugawa, from the Mikolaja Kopernika Uniwersytet Toruñ 

Zdenek Herman, from the Akademie ved Ceske republiky Praha

Lajos Diósi, from the Magyar Tudomayos Akademia Budapest

The first research project (Carnet 1) started on 1 October 1993 and ended on 31 September 1996. The second research project (Carnet 2) started on 1 January 1997 and ended on 31 December 1999.

The latest plenary meetings of the network took place in Il Ciocco, on 21 April 1999, at the Gordon Conference on Modern Developments in Thermodynamics and in Balatonfured, on 10-14 August 1999.

An important project was the publication of a joint multi-author book (335 pages) `Thermodynamics and thermoeconomics of energy conversion and transport' by Springer Verlag New-York (ISBN 0 - 387 - 98938 - 2). The content of the manuscript is as follows:

Preface by S. Sieniutycz 

Chapter # 01 : `Statistical mechanics of solar energy conversion' by B. Månsson

Chapter # 02 : `Solar energy conversion into mechanical work'  by V. Bãdescu

Chapter # 03 : `Thermodynamics of photovoltaics' by A. De Vos

Chapter # 04 : `Some methods of analysing solar cell efficiencies' by P. Landsberg and V. Bãdescu

Chapter # 05 : `Solar buildings' by L. Sertorio and G. Tinetti

Chapter # 06 : `Conversion of thermal and chemical energy' by S. Sieniutycz and S. Berry

Chapter # 07 : `Optimized internal combustion engines' by K. Hoffmann, P. Blaudeck and J. Burzler

Chapter # 08 : `Qualitative theoretical properties of heat conduction' by H. Farkas, I. Farago and P. Simon

Chapter # 09 : `Elementary collisions characterized by large energy changes' by Z. Herman

Chapter # 10 : `Geometrical methods in thermodynamics' by R. Mrugawa

Chapter # 11 : `Statistical distances' by L. Diósi and P. Salamon

Chapter # 12 : `Distillation by thermodynamic geometry' by B. Andresen and P. Salamon

The book was published in May 2000 and its price is 77 U.S. $.

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