AADEBUG 2003 - Instructions for CoRR proceedings

The proceedings of the AADEBUG 2003 workshop will be published at the Computer Research Repository (CoRR). CoRR is an on-line web-based service sponsored by ACM, the Los Alamos e-Print archive, and NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library). Its objective is to facilitate widespread dissemination of and access to computer science papers and technical reports.

The main page of the workshop is already loaded at http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/cs.SE/0309027

You need to follow the following steps to have your paper included in the proceedings:

  1. Learn about CoRR (if you are new to the repository). The best way is to visit the following sites:
  2. Register with CoRR (if you are not registered with CoRR):
  3. Prepare the final version of your paper: The yymmnnn field will be replaced when you upload your paper to CoRR.

    Note that the cross reference is important to enable readers to easily find the other articles of the proceedings.

  4. If TeX/LaTeX submission is absolutely not possible, prepare your contribution as HTML, PDF or Postscript document. Make sure to cite the whole proceedings as specified above.
  5. Refer to the CoRR page concerning submission formats for help.
  6. Upload your file to CoRR.
  7. By October 15th, 2003 provide the EDITOR (michiel.ronsse@elis.UGent.be) with the URL of your paper specifying its location in CoRR. It will be used in the proceedings to provide a link to your paper.
  8. The copyright of the paper remains with you, so you can put the paper on your website. If you do this, please use the CoRR version, not the version that was published in the paper proceedings.
In case of any questions or problems, get in touch with the editor as soon as possible.

This page is a blatant copy of http://www.irisa.fr/lande/ducasse/aadebug2000/corr-instructions.html.