Environment for the Simulation of Computer Architectures for the Purpose of Education

is an interactive portable PC-based simulation environment addressing architectural issues such as microprogramming and pipelined execution. The main goal is to present students with an easy-to-understand custom-made architecture that allows them to become familiar with the basic concepts of computer architecture, without being overwhelmed by the complexity of realistic microprocessor architectures.

was developed by Peter Verplaetse and Jan Van Campenhout at the Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) department at the University of Ghent.

was first presented at the Workshop on Computer Architecture Education (WCAE) held in June 1998 in cojunction with ISCA-25 at Barcelona, Spain. A brief paper on this topic also appeared in a special issue on Computer Architecture Education of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA) Newsletter. Both papers can be downloaded here.

Latest version/revision: 1.1.6 (May 03, 2001)

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