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Filip Jacobs, Erik Sundermann, Bjorn De Sutter, Mark Christiaens, and Ignace Lemahieu
A Fast Algorithm to Calculate the Exact Radiological Path through a Pixel or Voxel Space
Journal of Computing and Information Technology,
Vol. 6, No. 1, pages 89-94, 1998.

The research presented in the above paper was performed by Bjorn De Sutter and Mark Christiaens as part of their Master thesis project in 1997. Their advisers at that time were Filip Jacobs and Erik Sundermann, two PhD students. Without the knowledge of Bjorn and Mark, and in parallel with these two publications, the advisors tried to get the paper published on these results. When their promotor Ignace Lemahieu found out about this, after the paper had been accepted, the issue was handled by including a reference to the other two papers to clarify who did the original work, and Bjorn de Sutter and Mark Christiaens were included as co-authors of this paper. At that time, Mark and I were just Master students, not knowing the scientific community to well, so we agreed with this settlement. Knowing what we know now, we would not do that anymore.

To rectify this whole mess as much as possible, please cite any of these two papers instead.


Bjorn De Sutter