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Jonas Maebe
Universiteit Gent
Vakgroep ELIS
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 15
9052 Gent
Tel: +32-9-2649854


My most recent activities were in the context of the EURO-MILS FP7 research project. In this project we work on semi-formally verifying an embedded hypervisor/microkernel. To this end I contributed to the design of a composable security architecture and to the design an implementation of an IOMMU driver for the Texas Instruments Jacinto6 platform.

After my graduation in June 2007, I joined the Diablo team as a post-doctoral researcher. Diablo is a powerful multi-target link time binary rewriting and optimization framework. I also coordinated the HiPEAC2 cluster on Binary translation and virtualisation.

My PhD research itself focussed on dynamic instrumentation of computer programs at the machine code level, in particular applications of said instrumentation and specification languages. My supervisor was Professor Koen De Bosschere.

My primary research vehicle was Diota, which stands for Dynamic Instrumentation, Optimization and Transformations of Applications. This generic instrumentation framework runs on the Linux/x86 platform and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. While the latest "release" version on the website is outdated, you can download the current version via svn.


You can find an overview of my publications here.

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