Workshop Program



8.30am 9.30am: Keynote (1st Half)


The Cell Processor Architecture, Design and Performance

Jim Kahle (IBM Fellow)


9:30am 10.00am: Session 1


Characterizing Platform/Compiler Requirements of an Enterprise Java Benchmark  (Invited paper)

Kumar Shiv (Intel Corporation)



10.00am 10.30am: Coffee break



10.30am 12.00am: Session 1 (contd)


Vertical Profiling: Evaluating Computer Architectures using Commercial Applications  (Invited paper)

Peter F. Sweeney (IBM TJ Watson), Matthias Hauswirth (University of Lugano, Switzerland), Amer Diwan (University of Colorado, Boulder)


Branch Target Prediction for Java-based Commercial Benchmarks in PowerPC Architectures

I. Park, K. Ekanadham, P. Pattnaik, J.-D. Choi, M. Gupta, J. Jann, M. J. Serrano, Y. Shuf, C. R. Attanasio, S. E. Smith, K. D. Ryu (IBM TJ Watson)


Performance Evaluation and Acceleration for XML Data Parsing

L. Zhao (Intel), L. Bhuyan (UC Riverside)



12.00am 1.00pm: Lunch



1.00pm 2.00pm: Keynote (2nd Half)


Cell Processor Based Systems and Applications

Ashwini Nanda (IBM TJ Watson)


2.00pm 3.00pm: Session 2


Exploiting the AltiVec Unit for Commercial Applications

Daniel Citron (IBM Haifa), H. Inoue, T. Moriyama, M. Kawahito, H. Komatsu, T. Nakatani (IBM Tokyo)


Effects of Locking and Synchronization on Future Large Scale CMP Platforms

J. Moses, R. Illikkal, L. Zhao, S. Makineni, D. Newell (Intel)



3.00pm 3.30pm: Coffee break



3.30pm 5.00pm: Session 3


Performance Characterization of Data Mining Applications using MineBench

J. Zambreno, B. Ozisikyilmaz, G. Memik, A. Choudhary (Northwestern University), J. Pisharath (Intel Corporation)


Frequent Sequence Mining Workload Characterization

A. Ozgur, D. Kim, A. D. Nguyen, Y.-K. Chen (Intel Corporation)


Performance Characterization of a Parallel Structured Interior Point Solveron Clusters and Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems

S. Skedzielewski, M. Smelyanskiy (Intel Corporation)


5.00pm 5.15pm: Wrap Up